The Moore Metabolics Difference

We want you to reclaim your health so that you can get back to enjoying the things you love in life. Foundational to helping you reach your health-related goals, we believe in:


We believe that compassion and empathy are crucial when it comes to effectively helping patients transform their health. Our program is founded on the understanding that obesity is a complex and chronic disorder with many components, including genetics, environment, psychology, physiology and more. We promote gentleness and kindness toward yourself and others. Our team aims to create a supportive environment in which you are treated with dignity and respect while working toward achieving your health and weight loss goals.

Health Education

Exercise Motivation
A life-long commitment to healthy lifestyle changes and a dedication to our partnership will be critical to your success. This requires a holistic approach to your care on our part, integrating education with your physical and emotional care. We are committed to equipping you with the knowledge, tools, motivation and support you need to make permanent lifestyle changes after your bariatric surgery or weight loss treatment.

Health Leadership

Our team believes in providing the vision for change and helping you transform your own life by reclaiming your health. This belief transcends our program and impacts the greater community through the leadership of Dr. Moore and Dr. Thomas, who are actively changing how the disease of obesity is perceived through their leadership roles and advocacy work. We believe that your decision to change your life through weight loss surgery impacts and empowers the community around you.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey

We are passionate about helping people fight the battle against obesity. Contact us to learn how to kick-start weight loss journey.

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