Baked Chicken Nuggets


¼ Cup Whole Wheat Panko Breadcrumbs
½ TSP Onion Powder
½ TSP Garlic Powder
¼ TSP Salt
⅛ TSP Black Pepper
8 Oz. Raw Boneless Chicken, Cubed
2 Large Egg Whites


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degree. Coat a baking sheet with nonstick spray.
  2. In a bowl, combine breadcrumbs and seasonings and mix well.
  3. In another bowl, mix chicken and egg whites until chicken is coated.
  4. One at a time, coat chicken with breadcrumb mixture and place on the baking sheet
  5. Bake for 8 minutes, flip chicken and bake for another 8 minutes until brown and crispy.