Dr. Moore Advocates for WLSFA Grant Through Social Media


Jill saw me online and knew that access to care for obesity treatment is one of my passions.  We actually first connected on twitter where she sent me a direct message and asked  if I would be willing to help her apply for a WLSFA grant.  That initial effort and enthusiasm has continued through her preoperative evaluation.  We are thrilled to help such a deserving young lady!

-Dr. Moore

Social media is a powerful tool. With over 181 million users in the US alone, social media has the power to effect change and inspire good. Some of our favorite stories are those of personal triumph, positive social change and good will towards disenfranchised communities and people.

Recently Jill Calhoun, a vibrant and inspired young lady, used Twitter as a tool to start making the changes that she felt were necessary to reach her full health and wellness potential. Jill was interested in weight loss surgery, but wasn’t in the position to pay for the surgery without some help.  

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Through social media Jill was able to start a conversation with Dr. Moore, who has long been dedicated to and passionate about providing access to care for patients who otherwise might not be able to afford treatment. After speaking with Jill, Dr. Moore was honored to sponsor her for a sponsored treatment via the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA.org).

“Millions of Louisianians do not have insurance coverage for any kind of obesity treatment (medical or surgical).” States Dr. Moore. “I have been advocating for change in Baton Rouge both with legislators and insurers with no improvement yet. The WLSFA is a wonderful opportunity for me to help patients who could not otherwise receive treatment.”

What has transpired is not only an inspirational story of transformation and social good, but it is also a historical event in that it is both the first WLSFA grant given in the state of Louisiana, and also the first grant of its kind made possible by the power of social media.

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Jill’s grant through the WLSFA will cover her procedure expenses, and Dr. Moore will be providing the surgery for free, which will allow Jill to focus on her health and maintaining her weight loss goals. At Moore Metabolics we are honored to work with organizations like the WLSFA to provide weight loss surgery to those in need and we are dedicated to helping our community regain their health. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of weight loss surgery and how we can help you reclaim your health.

Be inspired, live your dreams, and live to the fullest with Moore Metabolics.