Dr. Rachel L. Moore Featured in Bariatric Times

Dr. Moore Featured in Bariatric TimesDr. Moore was recently interviewed for Bariatric Times, a monthly peer-reviewed journal that shares developments and clinical research in the field of bariatric surgery and metabolic medicine. The special front page feature focused on women in surgery and Dr. Moore was interviewed, along with two other surgeons, by clinical editor Dr. John M. Morton.

Dr. Moore Highlights the Importance of Bariatric Care in Louisiana

When asked if obesity is a women’s health concern because the majority of bariatric patients are female, Dr. Moore stated that obesity “should be everyone’s concern”. She also took the opportunity to note that people in Louisiana are disadvantaged by a lack of access to bariatric coverage by insurers, despite the state’s high rate of obesity.

Dr. Moore Shares the Challenges and Rewards of Her Career and Life Balance

Dr. Moore was asked what her greatest challenge is and she explained that as a surgeon, wife, and mother of three, she feels that she has three full-time jobs and that “performing all of them at a high level” is a goal she is always working on. And her greatest joy? Her children above all else. She also celebrates each day at work because she knows that “for the patients it was incredibly transformative”.

Read the full article to learn about Dr. Moore’s experiences with mentorship and her advice to other aspiring surgeons and leaders.

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