Dr. Rachel L. Moore Featured in Prevention Magazine


Prevention Magazine’s recent article What It’s Like To Have This Gastric Balloon Inserted Into Your Stomach For Weight Loss focuses on the experience of Moore Metabolics patient Rachelle Bourg. Rachelle became committed to finding a long term weight loss solution after her mother was diagnosed with diabetes. She was ready to leave yo-yo dieting behind, but she wasn’t sure if a surgical option was right for her. Rachelle sought help from Dr. Moore because she was impressed with Dr. Moore’s experience with ORBERA Gastric Balloon. The Gastric Balloon is a soft saline balloon that is inserted endoscopically, with no surgery required, and is removed after six months and is accompanied by a year long supportive nutrition program. Dr. Moore believes that the ORBERA Gastric Balloon is a powerful weight loss tool and an effective non-surgical option; she states that “This device is an essential aid to learning healthy diet and exercise habits that patients will hopefully continue for the rest of their lives.”

Rachelle has lost 35 pounds since her insertion and the ORBERA Gastric Balloon has enabled her start living a healthier and more active life. She is learning valuable lessons on portion control and nutrition that will help her maintain her weight loss and reach her goal of losing another 25 pounds. Rachelle says “I think I’ll continue to have success after the balloon is removed because of what I’ve learned and the 6 additional months with the nutritionist and the doctor.” Dr. Moore and the team at Moore Metabolics are so proud of Rachelle’s success!

Dr. Moore is one of two Bariatric Surgeons in the United States who is authorized by ORBERA to train other physicians in the Gastric Balloon procedure. The team at Moore Metabolics is committed to offering a range of weight loss options to help people live happier and healthier lives.

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