Pack More Nutrition Into Your Portions

Increase portion size and fill up with these low calorie ingredients. Create healthy meals that taste great and feel full longer.

Chop up any variety of mushroom and toss into a skillet with seasonings. They make a great addition to a protein packed plate like chicken or ground beef.

Supersize snacks with light popcorn, a low-calorie, high-volume addition. Add a cup or two to a favorite sweet or savory snack for a bigger portion without indulging on calories.

Crush that pasta craving by adding zucchini noodles to any traditional pasta dish. Double what’s on the plate with minimal calories added.

Bean Sprouts
Give Asian meals a boost with stir-fried bean sprouts. Increase the amount of protein, B vitamins and vitamin C with this healthy noodle-like veggie.

Add more lettuce to salad! More volume for fullness with little calorie-density.