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Moore Metabolics works with patients to assure that they can spend their time focusing on their health and weight loss, and not the aggravation of dealing with insurance companies.

Dealing with insurance companies can be an unwanted frustration for anyone pursuing weight loss surgery. That’s why we have an experienced team of insurance specialists that work directly with patients, helping them to understand their benefits and how they apply to bariatric surgery. Our free insurance check is simple – all you have to do is fill out our online form and one of our insurance specialists will help guide you through the insurance verification process.

If insurance isn’t an option, either due to lack of coverage or the extended insurance company waiting periods, there are a number of self pay and financing options that can put weight loss surgery within reach.

Insurance Timelines

While many insurance plans do cover bariatric surgery, they often have prerequisites and mandatory waiting periods that can last up to 12 months. Whether or not you qualify for weight loss surgery varies greatly between each health insurance plan. Some require a medically supervised diet plan, which can be frustrating for those that have tried numerous diets without success. It’s essential for anyone pursuing weight loss surgery, and intending to use insurance coverage, to know what kind of waiting periods your insurance requires and how long of a timeline you may experience.

Our team of insurance specialists will help determine if you qualify for weight loss surgery and what type of timelines your insurance coverage requires.

Other payment options for weight loss surgery include:

Self Pay

Many patients that aren’t covered by insurance, or aren’t willing to go through the lengthy process, choose to self pay. The cost of health issues due to obesity is often far greater than the cost of bariatric surgery, making it a viable choice both financially and in terms of health and wellness for many. Patients who have had weight loss surgery often are able to reduce or eliminate many medications and other health care expenses.


A great way to pay for, or to help budget, your bariatric procedure is through FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) or HSA (Health Care Spending Accounts). If your employer offers an FSA or HSA they can be utilized to pay for bariatric surgery, and the funds are also allocated pre-tax.


We work with an approved list of lenders to offer affordable and easy to manage financing options.

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