Virtual Health Partners

Online Support, Tools and Resources for Weight Loss

Stay on Track With Virtual Health Partners

Moore Metabolics is excited to offer the Virtual Health Partners program as part of our comprehensive weight loss program. Virtual Health Partners (VHP) is an innovative online platform designed to help patients stay on track with their healthy lifestyles post-surgery. From online fitness classes to nutrition counseling and a profile where you can track your progress, Virtual Health Partners ensures you have the resources you need to achieve long term weight loss.

Benefits of Virtual Health Partners

  • Convenient workouts
  • From incorporating workouts in while on vacation, to sneaking in a quick workout when you can’t leave the house, VHP provides live online fitness classes run by fitness experts to fit your busy schedule.
  • Online nutrition classes
  • Advice and tips from nutrition experts to help you learn how to eat to support your weight loss.
  • Face to face nutrition support
  • Have a question about how to best eat over vacation? Or how to create nutritious meals for work? Schedule a quick video chat appointment with one of VHP’s nutritionists for guidance.
  • See your progress VHP provides a food diary and fitness app, accessible on both through its website and app so you are always connected.

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Dr. Rachel Moore and Dr. Michael Thomas are committed to helping people reach their goals and achieve better health for a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about Virtual Health Partners or to schedule your appointment.

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