ReShape and ORBERA Gastric Balloons

Non Surgical Weight Loss with the ReShape and ORBERA Gastric Balloons

One of the most beneficial aspects of emerging technologies and techniques in the bariatric field is the ability to utilize weight loss tools without undergoing surgery. For some potential weight loss patients, undergoing surgery isn’t the best option, so a non-invasive procedure like the gastric balloon can be an amazing choice.

The FDA recently approved two types of non-invasive weight loss procedures – ReShape and ORBERA, both utilize a gastric balloon that is placed in the stomach, limiting available volume in the stomach. While the balloon is in the stomach it will help the patient limit portion size, it does not affect the amount of nutrition absorbed through the patient’s diet, and it does not alter the digestive tract in any way.

What are the Differences Between ReShape and ORBERA?

Both gastric balloons work in a similar fashion; they are placed inside the stomach using a non-invasive procedure for six months. The balloons help curb appetite, by taking up space in the stomach allowing the patient to feel full with a smaller portion of food.

The main difference between the two gastric balloons is that the ReShape Gastric Balloon is a dual balloon, and the ORBERA is a single balloon. The ORBERA gastric balloon has a long track record of success overseas, as it has been providing successful results for over 20 years in over 80 countries worldwide, including Europe.

Is a Gastric Balloon the Right for You?

There are a number of weight loss options, and the gastric balloon is a great solution for anyone who prefers a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical program to kickstart their weight loss.
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