5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

5 Tips to avoid holiday weight gain

This time of year is full of celebrations with family and friends. Unfortunately, the overabundance of food and drink usually leads to overconsumption. Don’t let the holidays undo all of your hard work this year. Follow these tips to find a healthy balance of food, activity and, most importantly, fun!

  1. Plan for Exercise – Not only is exercise great for burning calories, but it also reduces stress, which can be particularly high during this time of year. An endorphin boost can help to prevent overeating and weight gain.
  2. Don’t Skip Meals – Be sure to stick to your regular meals and snacks. By not eating, you’re more likely to let hunger win and over-indulge on unhealthy party foods.
  3. Eat Until Satisfied – Do not overstuff your plate or yourself! Eat slowly, savor your favorite foods and stop when you’re satisfied.
  4. Be Careful with Beverages – Alcoholic drinks may lower inhibitions causing you to overeat, while non-alcoholic drinks may contain a high amount of calories and sugar.
  5. Balance Consumption – If you overeat at one meal, eat lighter at the next. Resist the urge to write off an entire day and continue overeating. Approaching your meals from an overall balanced perspective will help prevent weight gain.

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