Obesity is a chronic disease that requires lifetime treatment

While bariatric surgery is a highly effective solution for long-term weight loss, obesity is a chronic disease and there will be patients who respond well to the initial procedure and those who experience only a partial response. Our bariatric surgeons can perform revision surgery if your primary bariatric procedure has not sufficiently treated your obesity.

Have you Gained Weight from an Enlarged Pouch?

Have you started to regain weight after an initially successful weight loss surgery? You are not alone. In some patients, the stomach pouch or outlet that connects it to the small intestine can stretch over time. As a result, you may need to eat more food before feeling full. The weight loss specialists at Moore Metabolics offer a safe laparoscopic procedure to restore your enlarged stomach pouch or outlet to their initial post-operative proportions.

Revision surgery is for patients who have already undergone a form of bariatric surgery, and have either had complications from such surgery, have unresolved co-morbidities, or have not successfully achieved significant weight loss results from the initial surgery.

Our surgeons typically perform these procedures endoscopically (through the mouth) or laparoscopically (with small incisions). Traditional open surgery may be necessary if the prior bariatric surgery has resulted in significant scarring.

Wondering If Bariatric Revision Surgery Is Right for You?

The first step in getting back on track with your weight loss is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moore or Dr. Thomas to assess if you are an ideal candidate for bariatric revision surgery. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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